Different hotels have differing ranges of amenities that are available to their customers but many people never realize this and therefore fail to make use of amenities that would make their stay more fulfilling. Some of these amenities are freely available and all you have to do is ask for them. Yet you can’t ask for something if you didn’t know it existed. What are some of the common extra amenities that you could take advantage of?

The hotel you are booked in might not have amenities such as pools, saunas and spas but what sometimes happens is that such hotels have partnerships with other hotels in nearby locations which have the amenities. Whenever you check into a hotel then and discover that such amenities are non-existent, the first thing you need to do is ask if there are any such arrangements and you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that such an arrangement does exist.

When you check in, you might discover that you don’t like the room assigned to you and would really like an upgrade. The problem is that you might not be willing (or able) to pay more for a room of your choice. If, for instance, you desired a room with a view, simply asking if there is one available at the same price as the room you are booked in might be all you have to do. In many cases, the hotel, since it values the business you are giving it, will give you the upgrade you are looking for at no extra cost.