While online advance booking is beneficial, it is important to go about it carefully. Some unscrupulous hotel owners have no qualms providing untrue details about their premises.

You might therefore be shocked when you arrive to find that there is no free internet or hot water shower as promised. You might also be shocked to find that the budget hotel you booked is in a really seedy neighborhood where you can’t venture outside after dark.

Rather than take such risks, it might be more reasonable to book on arrival and pay a higher rate but have your comfort and safety guaranteed.

Alternatively, when you are unsure about the destination, it would make more sense to book your room through one of the hotel booking sites. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have great experience with hotel bookings which you can take advantage of.

Should you still be keen to make a personal booking, make sure that you read many reviews of the hotel you intend to lodge in.