While hotels are readily available in any destination you might find yourself in, there are people who choose to stay in hostels instead. What might make you choose a hostel and what are the pros and cons of this kind of accommodation?

One of the biggest motivations for staying in a hostel is that, compared to hotel accommodation, hostels are extremely cheap. Unlike a hotel where you have a room all to yourself, hostel accommodation puts you in a room shared with other people – sometimes as many as twenty. If you are a person for whom privacy is of extreme importance, a hostel might therefore not work. A hostel will also not work for you if you desire a private bathroom with a bathtub – most hostels will usually have only a single bathroom on each floor which is shared by everybody on the floor.

Not all gloom
While this kind of accommodation might not work for the lone traveler, it might prove most ideal for people traveling in a group. If you are in a group that needs to holiday and do things together, this might be the way to go. Not only will you spend quality time together in the room you share but you’ll also extend this to the kitchen. Most hostels will only offer you breakfast but they have kitchens where you can prepare your meals as a group.

Meet new people
Most people who choose to travel do so to not only discover new places but also to meet new people and a hostel experience might aid greatly. If there are 15 of you in a room, chances are that you’ll be meeting people from the most unexpected places. Of course this has its downside too – you never know whether your roommates are truly trustworthy people. While visitors will be vetted to make sure that they are unlikely to cause any serious trouble, there’s always the risk that you could lose precious personal belongings to either itchy-fingered fellow travelers or hostel staff.

Forget luxury
The furnishings in a hostel also tend to be very basic – one of the reasons why these accommodations are so cheap. If you are planning on some luxurious holidaying, a hostel might therefore not work for you. Before deciding to book either a hotel or hostel, you must always read the reviews written by customers who have used the facility in the past. Just like when you’re hiring a cleaning service like carpet cleaning you need to find a Professional Company that has been around for some time.  This could be the only way for you to find out the kind of service to expect when you check in.