How to Save On Hotel Accommodation When Going On Holiday

While getting ready to go on holiday, you have two critical choices to make: whether to go and have the best time of your life (which you deserve anyway) or to stick to a strict budget since you don’t want to spend months mourning after all your savings have been depleted. Spending time in a high-end hotel can prove financially crippling yet you do not want to spend what is supposed to be a memorable holiday in a dinghy establishment. With careful planning and forethought, you can spend your holiday in a classy hotel without ruining your finances.

Avoid travel during the peak season

If there are no weather extremities between the low and peak seasons, plan on visiting your desired destination during the low season. Unbeknown to many, hotel room prices are reduced so drastically during the low and mid seasons that you could actually spend your time in a luxury hotel. Off-peak visits have their advantages too. The tourist sites of note are also cheaper to visit and are usually less crowded.

Bring a loved one along

By bringing a loved one along when going on holiday, you could actually be killing two birds with one stone. The price you’ll pay for a double room will be considerably cheaper than would have been the case if you went for a single room.

Choose a holiday package

Going on holiday involves not only hotel accommodation but also air travel and ground travel at destination. Rather than make your hotel reservation privately, consider getting in touch with a travel agent who could arrange for this as well as your air and destination travel. Packages cost much less and you could save plenty of money.

Patronize the same hotel

If you are going to a destination you have visited before, you should consider lodging in the same hotel you used in the past (unless of course you had a miserable experience there). Repeat customers are valued by all businesses and pointing this out to the hotel personnel could get you a reasonable saving.


Search online for discounts

Is it possible that the hotels at your destination are offering discounts at the time you plan to travel? An online search will provide this info as well details of any coupons that you could use.  While hotel accommodation is expensive, it will not cost you an arm and a leg if you do proper planning.  And usually the cleaning service is included in your package.

If you book early enough sometimes you can find sweet deals.  If you wait it’s like the year we went to Hawaii for Christmas.  That entire trip cost much as if we had taken the same trip 4x over.  Book now a year ahead and those are going to be your best rates.