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Some Caveats

While online advance booking is beneficial, it is important to go about it carefully. Some unscrupulous hotel owners have no qualms providing untrue details about their premises.

You might therefore be shocked when you arrive to find that there is no free internet or hot water shower as promised. You might also be shocked to find that the budget hotel you booked is in a really seedy neighborhood where you can’t venture outside after dark.

Rather than take such risks, it might be more reasonable to book on arrival and pay a higher rate but have your comfort and safety guaranteed.

Alternatively, when you are unsure about the destination, it would make more sense to book your room through one of the hotel booking sites. Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have great experience with hotel bookings which you can take advantage of.

Should you still be keen to make a personal booking, make sure that you read many reviews of the hotel you intend to lodge in.

Should you book in Advance?

When you finally make the decision that you’ll be visiting a certain destination, you have to think of how to arrange for your accommodation. When you choose a hotel, you have the option of either making an advance booking or booking when you arrive. Should you book in advance or on arrival?

Advance booking makes it possible for you to enjoy some benefits that would otherwise be unavailable. One of the reasons that make people make advance bookings is that such bookings come with substantial discounts. When the booking is made several months prior to travel, you could actually end up making savings as high as 50%.

When you research hotels on the internet before booking, you are able to compare the prices of various hotels and their locations before committing. Most modern hotels have very comprehensive websites that provide detailed info on what is on offer and you can know with precision what you’ll be spending your money on. In addition to the hotels, most hotel websites will tell you of touristy sites nearby and also how close you are to other amenities such as shopping malls and hospitals.

Online booking is especially ideal for the budget traveler who has a flexible travel schedule. If you don’t have to travel at a very specific time, you can time your visit with the time when hotels rates are lowest.

Choosing the Best Hotel Accommodations

How to Save On Hotel Accommodation When Going On Holiday

While getting ready to go on holiday, you have two critical choices to make: whether to go and have the best time of your life (which you deserve anyway) or to stick to a strict budget since you don’t want to spend months mourning after all your savings have been depleted. Spending time in a high-end hotel can prove financially crippling yet you do not want to spend what is supposed to be a memorable holiday in a dinghy establishment. With careful planning and forethought, you can spend your holiday in a classy hotel without ruining your finances.

Avoid travel during the peak season

If there are no weather extremities between the low and peak seasons, plan on visiting your desired destination during the low season. Unbeknown to many, hotel room prices are reduced so drastically during the low and mid seasons that you could actually spend your time in a luxury hotel. Off-peak visits have their advantages too. The tourist sites of note are also cheaper to visit and are usually less crowded.

Bring a loved one along

By bringing a loved one along when going on holiday, you could actually be killing two birds with one stone. The price you’ll pay for a double room will be considerably cheaper than would have been the case if you went for a single room.

Choose a holiday package

Going on holiday involves not only hotel accommodation but also air travel and ground travel at destination. Rather than make your hotel reservation privately, consider getting in touch with a travel agent who could arrange for this as well as your air and destination travel. Packages cost much less and you could save plenty of money.

Patronize the same hotel

If you are going to a destination you have visited before, you should consider lodging in the same hotel you used in the past (unless of course you had a miserable experience there). Repeat customers are valued by all businesses and pointing this out to the hotel personnel could get you a reasonable saving.

Search online for discounts

Is it possible that the hotels at your destination are offering discounts at the time you plan to travel? An online search will provide this info as well details of any coupons that you could use.  While hotel accommodation is expensive, it will not cost you an arm and a leg if you do proper planning.  And usually the cleaning service is included in your package.

If you book early enough sometimes you can find sweet deals.  If you wait it’s like the year we went to Hawaii for Christmas.  That entire trip cost much as if we had taken the same trip 4x over.  Book now a year ahead and those are going to be your best rates.

Choosing a Hotel or AirBnB for your travel: Make the right choice


When setting yourself up for a well deserved and anticipated vacation, you have to give a great deal of consideration to details, as they may make or break your holiday. Financial planning is a big part of your vacation, even if you don’t realize it yet. You must be aware that the way you spend early will lead to you having a great and enjoyable vacation or a terrible one, where you’ll count your money constantly to see what’s left.

One of the most important tasks you will face is deciding your accommodations. Hotel vs AirBnB? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a luxurious hotel with sky-high prices? How much can you save if you decide to go with AirBnB? These are the most asked and important questions that still bother most tourists.

But let’s take it step by step. One of the obvious advantages of staying at a hotel is the relaxation that comes from the fact that you don’t have to clean up after yourself. Maybe even the room service, why not? It’s obvious that all of us prefer to sit back and relax and just wait for the waiter to come to our room with the champagne, as opposed to getting up every morning and going out to grab a bite. But the second option may very well be the cheapest. Room service is very expensive, so beware!

airbnbAlso, you may want to opt for a hotel if you haven’t quite figured out the time you’re going to arrive at your destination. Hotels may be expensive, but they offer great flexibility and a room can be booked at the minutes notice. Other than that, if you want to get better directions or just want to know where you can party and have a great steak afterwards, you may want to try AirBnB, as hosts can and often times will be willing to point out the best options for you.

To sum it up, the whole Hotel vs AirBnB dispute is based on your preferences and budget. There is no correct answer, as there is no wrong answer. You got to ask yourself what kind of person are you, how much can you spend and if you are willing to put up with strict rules or maybe even slow hotel staff. So plan your vacation, think it over. You won’t regret it.

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